Chymamusique Opens Up About His Spiritual Struggle

Chymamusique Spiritual Struggle

Award-winning DJ Chymamusique has been going through a spiritual warfare which has forced him to step away from the spotlight.
A fan noticed that he was not as active on social media, more especially Twitter, and the concerned fan asked him about it In an interview, Chymamusique said he has been going through some challenges spiritually and will open up about them soon.
Life has not been easy for award-winning DJ Chymamusique, who recently opened up about his life challenges. A concerned fan asked him on social media why has he been MIA, and he got an honest response from the music producer. Read more:
Chymamusique To Get Candid About His Spiritual Warfare
A fan @MarvinMohubedu asked Chymamusique why he quit Twitter. The DJ responded by saying he would return soon.
“I’ll be back. Currently Facing some life difficulties, I promise I’ll fight and bounce back ASAP.”
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At the South African Music Awards, Chymamusique walked away with three awards for; Male artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Best Dance Album. Receiving his flowers from DJ Fresh, he said his accolades are long overdue.
“Your 3 South African Music Awards are overdue and well deserved”.

Asking for Prayers

When asked what he wanted to say to his followers, Chymamusique asked for prayers. “Going back to exercising slowly but surely and psychology tried going back to God, but more than anything it’s just a prayer season for me, also to see what it’s all about. Because I believe when God brings something like this there’s always a bigger purpose. So that’s what I’m trying to understand — what’s the reason behind everything that I’m feeling and going through?”

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