Reality TV star Bubbly opens up on her mental breakdown

Bubbly Sodela opens up about how she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

The reality TV told Zimoja that she broke down after visiting a friend.

“I got a mental breakdown. I cried, screamed and couldn’t breathe. I lost my mind for a good three days and had to get medical attention,” she said.

“I managed to call a friend for help, she picked me up by the petrol station and took me to the police station and we went to hospital.”

 This Body Works For Me star further opened up on the treatment and how it aided her.

“I was given Risperidone, which is a medicine used to treat symptoms of schizophrenia, unusual thinking and depression. I was also given meds to calm me and for appetite because I was not eating.”

“I need to fix things before I answer my calling but I’m happy to be healing my clients through my good vibes, awesome energy through my services by my wellness spa,’ she says. “I bring their confidence back it’s amazing.”

Bubbly said the mental breakdown was caused by the buildup of tragic incident in her life.

From the loss of her partner during the COVID time to the death of friends.

“I don’t think after losing my partner and friends I became mentally okay, but I’m stronger now. After being hospitalised, I learned that I need to take it easy and not beat myself up my head,” she said.

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