“I wish I never experienced your love,” Nadia Nakai’s letter to AKA

“I wish I never experienced your love,” Nadia Nakai’s letter to AKA

Nadia Nakai writes a touching letter to her late nut, Kiernan “ AKA ” Forbes.

The rapper was shot and killed on the 10th of February, 2023 in Durban.

Kiernan’s death shocked lots of people in the country and indeed abroad.

It’s over a month since AKA’s passed on and Nadia has been going through the most in accepting that he’s indeed dead.

Taking to Instagram, Nadia Nakai dropped another emotional post.

“ occasionally I wish I noway endured your love. I wish that you were just an familiarity and I could say “ Oh Supa Mega passed away, what a loss for the game ”. still, perhaps it would be easier to continue my life without you, If I did n’t love you. Now, because I had been loved by you, it’s just so hard. I’ve this hole in my heart that wo n’t let up. ”

“ The world just does n’t feel the same. I try to hold onto to my recollections of when I was happy before you, perhaps if I flash back how it was ahead, I could be like that again. But everything does n’t feel real. I do n’t know if seeing you every day on social media is more or worse, I do n’t know if reading our dispatches is healing or not. I know I need to get out my house soon, and I know the people that continue to hold me down, will be there for me, thank you, But I just feel like I ’ll noway be ready. What’s my life going to look like now? time heals each, but time really takes it’s time, and I do n’t know when I ’ll ever be fine. ”

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