Rashid Kay Says SA Hip Hop Has “But ‘Sosh Plata’ To Look Up To”

Rashid Kay Says SA Hip Hop Has “But ‘Sosh Plata’

Rashid Kay Says SA Hip Hop Has “But ‘Sosh Plata’

Rashid Kay comments on the decline in Hip Hop hits in SA and says we have nothing but “Sosh Plata” to look up to.

The SA Hip Hop scene has been plagued with criticism in recent years. Some say the genre is on the decline. In a recent interview on Zingah’s Chopping It podcast, Rashid Kay was asked if Loatinover Pounds’ “Sosh Plata” was a good yardstick for SA Hip Hop hits.

“Is Sosh Plata a good measure to use for somebody else to say that’s the type of sh*t I should be making to be able to go crazy right now?” asked Zingah.

Rashid Kay replied, “You know what they say? They say one-eyed man is the King in the land of the blind. So that means we have nothing but Sosh Plata to look up to,”

He continued, “The other years, if you have a hit, it’s a hit across all genres; you had your Ngud’ that was the song of the year across all board. You had your Caracara, your Doc Shebeleza, you know. Not a hit for a certain group of people, so as SA Hip Hop, we don’t have a crossover hit nationally,”

Watch the interview below:

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