5 signs you may be a horrible girlfriend or wife

Many people focus on their positive qualities and not their negative ones, and sometimes they have a lot of negative qualities.

That’s why we are here today to shine the light on things that make you an unsuitable partner for anyone.

Some ladies believe that they deserve money, gifts, vacations, and everything else before a man can have a chance to be with them. That’s so wrong. You shouldn’t transact in a relationship based on material things. These things are great when they happen, but they should flow from a place of love, not demands. Plus, if you place these things above character traits like kindness, understanding, and honesty, you won’t be appreciated.

You want your man to move heaven and earth for you, but you can’t share your money or anything with him when you have. Ladies, a man wasn’t born on earth to foot every one of your bills. It’s more than okay to spend on your man, and when you are married, you can split the bills, especially when you earn enough money to do so.

You are certainly going to be quite irritating to anyone if all you do is complain about what’s wrong, what you don’t like, and how you have been offended. No one likes a nag. We are not saying you should constantly suppress your needs, but there are some things that can be overlooked. You won’t like it if your man constantly complains, so don’t do it either.

Verbal abuse is as deadly as physical abuse. What do you say during a fight? If you are constantly pulling people down with your words, calling them stupid, fools, and other demeaning words, then you should be avoided at all costs.

You should be able to treat your in-laws, your domestic staff, your husband’s friends, your coworkers, and everyone else with kindness. If you are only nice to your husband and your kids, but you are thoroughly wicked to everyone else and make everyone else’s life hell, then you are not such a great partner.