Bonko Khoza on how parenthood affected their marriage

Bongo Khoza and wife Lesego on parenthood

Bonko Khoza admits that the arrival of their newborn has caused some changes in their marriage.

During a recent episode with The Makhs, the actors reflected on their journey as parents.

“Naturally there’s that added element in the home, so what we knew as our dynamic, now has changed. So adjusting to that is difficult, it’s tricky. Having a newborn you live in the three-hour gaps that she sleeps in within the 24 hours. So that is evident,” Bonko said.

“The lack of sleep, the business … we help each other relieve each other. But I think at the foundation of it, if anything for me, I’m learning more about Lesego right now in this phase, learning how amazing of a mother she is. At the foundation we still got it.”

In March, the couple marked their 2nd anniversary; Bonko penned a lovely note to his wife.

Ten years ago on this day you changed my life when our eyes locked for the first time. You turned me into the person I always dreamt of being. Two years ago on this day, I said I Do to you before God. And now I rest in the Grace of what God has created. You are my rock, my home, my refuge, my best friend and soulmate.

A Decade of infatuation. 2 years of Godly union. May the rest of my days with you be as beautiful as your smile. May the rest of our days be filled with laughter, love. Learning and healing.

Thank you for choosing me. For loving me. If you cannot see me don’t look for me out there, I will be waiting for you in the corner of your heart.


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