Cost of DNA Test in South Africa

In today’s era, DNA testing has emerged as a popular method for various purposes in South Africa, ranging from determining paternity to exploring ancestry and even assessing health and diet. But understanding the costs and options available can be daunting. Let’s break it down in simpler terms.

Paternity Testing:

This is the most common type of DNA test in South Africa. The cost typically falls between R1,500 to R3,000, depending on where you get it done and the type of test conducted.

Ancestry Testing:

For those curious about their genetic heritage, ancestry testing is an option. Prices can vary from R1,500 to R5,000, depending on the laboratory and the specific test.

Health and Diet Testing:

Various options are available here, like GeneRenew™, GeneSport™, and GeneDiet™. Costs range from R3,220 to R3,910, depending on the type of test.

Now, where can you get these tests done?


They offer paternity tests starting at R2,695, with no hidden fees. They’re an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, ensuring reliable results.

GeneWay: This company provides different DNA testing options, such as GENEDIET™ for R3,220. They also offer combo packages for comprehensive testing.

Dizaldo DNA Testing:

For ancestry tests, prices range from R1,200 to R3,000, depending on the specific test and lab chosen.

But where can you go to take the test?

Private Laboratories:

Companies like EasyDNA and GeneWay have offices across South Africa, making them accessible for many.

Hospitals and Clinics:

Institutions like Netcare, Life Healthcare, and Mediclinic also offer DNA testing services, albeit at potentially varying costs.


DNA testing in South Africa offers a plethora of options for those seeking answers about their genetic makeup. Whether it’s for paternity, ancestry, or health-related inquiries, individuals have choices in both providers and types of tests. It’s essential to research and compare prices before making a decision to ensure you’re getting the best value for your needs.


1.How accurate are DNA tests?

DNA tests are highly accurate, especially when conducted by accredited laboratories following standardized procedures. However, interpretation of results may vary, so it’s essential to choose a reputable provider.

2.Can DNA tests reveal sensitive health information?

Yes, some DNA tests can provide information about predispositions to certain health conditions. However, individuals should carefully consider the implications of such information and consult with healthcare professionals if needed.

3.Are DNA tests invasive or painful?

No, DNA testing typically involves collecting a sample via a cheek swab or saliva sample, which is non-invasive and painless

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