Groote Schuur Hospital Description, Location, Services & Contact Details

Groote Schuur Hospital stands as a beacon of healthcare excellence, nestled in the heart of Observatory, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Renowned globally for its pioneering role in medical history, it continues to uphold its reputation as a premier academic health center.


Imagine a sprawling, government-funded institution dedicated to healing and education. Groote Schuur Hospital fits this image perfectly. It’s not just any hospital; it’s the place where the first human-to-human heart transplant took place. This remarkable feat catapulted Groote Schuur into the annals of medical history, earning it international acclaim.


Located along Main Road in Observatory, Cape Town, Groote Schuur Hospital enjoys a strategic position accessible to locals and visitors alike. Situated in the Western Cape, it serves as a vital healthcare hub for the region and beyond.


At Groote Schuur Hospital, excellence permeates every aspect of care. From emergency psychiatry services to surgical interventions, the hospital offers a comprehensive range of specialized services. Here’s a glimpse of what it provides:

  • Emergency Psychiatry Services
  • Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Services
  • Neuropsychiatry Services
  • Addiction Services
  • Ambulatory Psychiatry/Outpatient Services
  • Transgender Clinic
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Maternity Outpatients Department
  • Surgical Services
  • Transplants (Heart, Kidney, Liver)
  • Trauma Unit

Contact Details:

In today’s interconnected world, reaching out for medical assistance or inquiries has never been easier. Here are the contact details for Groote Schuur Hospital:


Groote Schuur Hospital stands tall as a bastion of healthcare innovation and compassion. Its legacy of excellence continues to inspire hope and healing, touching the lives of countless individuals every day. Whether you seek specialized treatment or general medical care, Groote Schuur Hospital stands ready to serve with dedication and expertise.


1.How can I make an appointment at Groote Schuur Hospital?

Contact the hospital directly via phone or email to schedule an appointment with the relevant department.

2.Does Groote Schuur Hospital offer emergency services?

Yes, Groote Schuur Hospital provides emergency services, including psychiatric emergencies and trauma care.

3.Is Groote Schuur Hospital accessible to international patients?

Absolutely! Groote Schuur Hospital welcomes patients from all corners of the globe, offering world-class medical care with a personal touch

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