Mac G opens up about paying his fiancée’s lobola (Video)

Mac G and Naledi set to tie the knot

Mac G, real name Macgyver Mukwevho and fiancée Naledi Monamodi will be walking down the aisle pretty soon.

Months after shutting down the internet with a sweet marriage proposal, the Podcast and Chill host went to his wife’s family to pay her lobola.

On the recent episode of the podcast, the DJ detailed how the lobola negotiation ceremony went.

He claimed it’s a weird ceremony as himself and his wife were like a puppet at the event.

They couldn’t talk or interfere with the negotiation, which turned out to be a success.

An excited Mac further revealed some of the people that went with him to the ceremony.

Photos and video from the lobola negotiation has surfaced on social media, and Mac G is currently at the top of the trend list as people congratulate him and his wife Naledi.