Meet the conjoined twins sharing a vag!na

Meet the conjoined twins sharing a vag!na

Conjoined twins, Lupita and Carmen Andrade have made various headlines; and they’ve successfully stolen the hearts of many with their stories.

The twins avoid being separated through surgery as it might be fatal for one or both of them.

According to Today.Com, the twins who were born in Mexico but grew up in Connecticut, share a pelvis, a reproductive system, a liver and a bloodstream.

“It’s not all rainbows and sunshine. We’ve had a lot of challenges, but we have a great life,” Carmen told the outlet. “We go to movies and concerts [sharing one seat] and we travel on airplanes.”

Speaking about their love life, the two have different perceptions.

Carmen has a boyfriend named Daniel, while Lupita is asexual.

Carmen and Daniel are dating but not sexual relationship between them.

“Daniel and I love kids, but we don’t want any of our own,” she added. “I like being a dog mom! Lupita and I can’t get pregnant, we have endometriosis and we’re also on a hormone blocker that prevents us from menstruating.

Lupita and Carmen reveal that they can literally feel each other’s emotions.

“I can feel when Carmen is anxious or about to cry,” Lupita revealed. “It’s that same stomach drop.”

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