You are currently viewing “Some people hate seeing us together,” Sjava and Big Zulu speak about their joint album

“Some people hate seeing us together,” Sjava and Big Zulu speak about their joint album

Jabulani “ Sjava ” Hadebe and Siyabonga “ Big Zulu ” Nene have a common reader on the way which is named Ukhamba.

The musicians took to their social media regard to advertise the design which left their suckers agitated.

The reader will be released in May, but their first single Umbayimbayi will be out on 24 March.

Speaking to Zimoja, Sjava explained that people have demanded their collaboration long ahead now, but failed.

still, they ’ve eventually cooked the reader and it’ll be out soon.

“ A lot of people have been asking for collaboration. “ It was only a matter of time. “ It was a matter of time. We tried to get together to make music, but we failed and we felt this was the right time. Warner Music approached us and we allowed it was the right time to use my marker 1020 Cartel and Inkabi Records, ” Sjava says.

“ We were anticipating some glitches but when we arrived in Drakensburg, we recorded the 10- track design in seven days straighteasily and fluently, ” Sjava adds.

He further explained that people have sparked beef between them as they do n’t like seeing them together, but they did n’t give room for similar to percolate them.

“ uniting is always better. People are used to fighting, beefing, and covetousness. Some people detest seeing us together, but we’re living in the last days when people are dying. You speak to a person moment and the coming day you hear they failedSo, we feel it’s important to always be at peace and to concinnity. ”

“ Whether to the old or youthfulCertain songs are for me. But we’re thankful to sing for an open inclined generation. This thing is bigger than us. ”

“ Growing up in the vill helped us and we used to punch cattle. We were tutored respect and the reader both megacity and pastoral people can relate, ” Big Zulu said.


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