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Cape Town, a city rich in history and culture, holds within its heart the Somerset Hospital, a beacon of healthcare that has stood the test of time. Founded in 1818 by the pioneering Dr. Samuel Bailey, this institution has been a cornerstone of medical care in the region for over two centuries.

A Legacy of Healing

Imagine the bustling streets of early 19th-century Cape Town, where Dr. Bailey’s vision took shape on Chiapinni Street with the establishment of the first civilian hospital in the city. Named after the neighborhood it served, the Chiapinni Street hospital laid the foundation for what would later become the Somerset Hospital.

Evolution and Relocation

As the years passed and the city grew, the need for expanded healthcare services became apparent. In 1864, the Somerset Hospital emerged in the Green Point neighborhood, becoming a vital lifeline for the community. Fast forward to 2010, plans were set in motion to relocate the hospital to a more accessible location in Cape Town’s northern area, ensuring better access for the densely populated West Coast district.

A Provincial Heritage

In recognition of its historical significance and contribution to the community, the Somerset Hospital was designated as a provincial heritage site. This honor serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of healing and compassion that has defined the institution for generations.

Services and Accessibility

Located at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, the Somerset Hospital continues to provide round-the-clock care to those in need. Affiliated with the esteemed University of Cape Town, it remains at the forefront of medical innovation and education, ensuring that future generations receive the highest standard of care.


The Somerset Hospital stands as a symbol of resilience and dedication, a beacon of hope in times of need. From its humble beginnings on Chiapinni Street to its current location at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, it has remained steadfast in its mission to serve the people of Cape Town with compassion and excellence.


1.What services does Somerset Hospital offer?

Somerset Hospital offers a wide range of medical services, including emergency care, surgery, maternity services, and specialized treatments in various fields of medicine.

2.Is Somerset Hospital easily accessible?

Yes, Somerset Hospital is conveniently located at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town, making it easily accessible to residents and visitors alike.

3.Can I visit Somerset Hospital to learn about its history?

While Somerset Hospital primarily focuses on providing healthcare services, there may be opportunities for guided tours or educational sessions to learn about its rich history and heritage. It’s always best to inquire directly with the hospital administration for more information on visiting arrangements

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