Somizi’s old video mocking Zahara surfaces on social media – Watch

Somizi dragged after Zahara’s death

Somizi Mhlongo gets dragged on social media for acting like a saint after Bulelwa “Zahara” Mkutukana’s death.

The media personality rebuked people who mocked the late singer rather than giving support and giving her flowers to smell.

“Yet we know that in reality, she was one of the most mocked personalities. People celebrated her downfall, people used to make fun of her situation. We knew she had her share of hardships. But she was hardly given her flowers. You have to die for you to be acknowledged, more respected, more honoured and to be given your flowers literally and figuratively. If Zahara cried for help, which she did, hardly anybody jumped. But look at the funeral,” he said.

Twitter users were pissed at Som’s statement as he was one of the chief mockers.

A video revealing how the radio presenter mocked Zahara on SAMA 2023 surfaced on Twitter.

“We are almost at the end of the show and there’s an amazing after party, free bar…where is Zahara ( audience roars in laughter). She’s probably at the bar already,” Somizi said at the event.