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The right way to store food in the freezer

Be it lunch or dinner, leftover food is simply stored in the fridge. Knowingly or unknowingly, we add the food in whichever container we find. But, do you know that there is a right way to store food?

If food is not stored properly in the refrigerator, there is a possibility of bacteria growing in it which can hamper the quality of stored food. But, no need to fret!

We have got you covered and here are a few things you can take care while storing the food. Take a look. With the advent of refrigerator, the hassle of storing food has ended.

This is a very good appliance to store everything from fruits, raw vegetables, milk, curd to leftover food.

Many times people even eat food that is one or two days old kept in the fridge, but do you know that if you do not store the food properly in the fridge, then there is every possibility of bacteria growing in it too.

Some people keep food in the fridge without covering it. If you are also making such mistakes, then know its disadvantages as well as the right way to store it.

Do not use plastic containers

Never make the mistake of storing refrigerator food in plastic containers, because use of plastic in any form is not good for our health. In such a situation, pack food in glass or steel containers instead of plastic containers. Keep doing it.

Always cover food

By keeping food in the fridge, we become so completely carefree that now the food can be eaten comfortably two to three times a day, but let us tell you that if you have not kept the food in the right container and also have not covered it, then your food is not safe from anywhere. Open food in the refrigerator can get spoiled due to contact with raw food. Besides, moisture is also lost from the food. Thirdly, the smell of the refrigerator or other food also gets mixed with each other. For this reason, store food in an airtight container. This will keep the food fresh.

Do not store stale food for long

It is okay to eat the food kept in the fridge once, but if you keep it for two to three days, then it has a negative effect on health. Sometimes food kept in the fridge can also grow moldy, so do not ignore it. This food may contain bacteria, which can make you sick.