Zahara allegedly poisoned by a close relative

Zahara still fighting for her life in the hospital

Zahara is fighting for her life in the hospital due to liver complications.

A source close to the singer revealed to Zimoja, that a family member must have poisoned her.

It was said that the star got rushed to the hospital a few days after her lobola negotiation.

“What is surprising is that when Zahara celebrated her 36th birthday on November 9, she was as strong as an ox. She didn’t show signs of being sick,” the source said.

“The lobola negotiations went well during the visit by the Xaba delegation. The family representing the Mkutukanas was happy that Zahara would finally get married to someone she loves dearly. But someone interfered with the whole process by bewitching her,” the source added.

The source claimed that a relative of the Loliwe singer deepthroated the situation.

“A relative must have gotten pissed off when they heard that the Xaba family were coming back to pay the outstanding amount of lobola. We suspect that Zahara was either poisoned or muthi was put into her drink.”