Zodwa Wabantu reacts to rumors of being broke

Zodwa Wabantu reacts to rumors of being beggared. Speaking to ZiMoja, the imitator says she isn’t beggared, but bookings aren’t like ahead. The star says she isn’t living a lavish life, hence cutting her fabric according to her size.

“ I ’m not a flashy person. I’ve always lived a simple life. I do n’t wear make- up or put on weaves and I concentrate on investing my plutocrat in effects that count, ” she says. “ Yes, I’ll admit that the bookings aren’t the same. But this is because of the profitable climate.

Everyone is floundering, and the cost of living has gone up. But for me, it’s because I’ve chosen to invest my plutocrat and further of my time edlozini. Everything I do these days is to assuage idlozi.

” She claimed to turn down an assignation for Amapiano awards in other to save plutocrat. “ I know when I got there, I’ve to buy commodity sexy to wear, get my make- up, and fix my hair. I had to choose between saving that plutocrat for idlozi because it’ll profit me in the end.

” still, Zodwa Wabantu says there’s nothing opprobrious about being beggared; the cotillion says she does n’t need to hide if she was truly beggared. still, I would talk about it, I’m an open book, “ If I was beggared.

Nothing of mine is a secret. Dancing naked pays my bills. It’s who I’m and that’s what people love about me. I’m free, I do n’t fake it and I’ll noway stop until the time is right. ”

“ Let’s not put fear on brokenness as black people and society. There’s nothing wrong with being broke at times or going through fiscal strains, as long as you work on fixing effects. Mina, I’ve noway cried to anyone for plutocrat for groceries. ”

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