5 reasons why you should chase the sun on a luxury cruise holiday

Holidays can be very stressful for most travellers with a million things to tick off before actually embarking on the holiday with loved ones.

Multiples levels of packing have to be done as per weather conditions and activities on your itinerary; cabs, trains and mini tours have to be booked well in advance; and restaurants have to be shortlisted across different venues.

The frenzy of planning and prepping the holiday can drain you out even before you begin your vacation.

So, have you ever thought about taking a holiday at sea?

When you book a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line, you can design the holiday of your dreams and each day can be different.

You leave all the stress behind the moment you step aboard to chase the sun around the world, explore, relax – and repeat.

No cooking, no driving, no dress codes and fixed meal times, no packing and unpacking endlessly across the world.

So, no matter what kind of traveller you are or who you are travelling with, here are five reasons why you must take a holiday at sea, at least once in your lifetime.

1. No stress and no mess

Celebrating any milestone be it a birthday or anniversary, can entail a lot of work. Instead, why not take your gang on a holiday at sea?

A cruise offers a welcome escape from the drudgery of making guest lists, planning meals and dealing with the post-party clean-up.

On a cruise, you enjoy your own party as much as everyone else! You can dig into a decadent meal that you didn’t even have to cook and participate in a host of fun and exciting onboard activities to work off all the calories you’ve consumed.

2. Never-ending entertainment

On a cruise, you don’t need to trawl the web for ideas to entertain yourself and your co-travellers across all age groups.

You can choose from an array of non-stop fun entertainment options available on the ship’s Sports Deck. enjoy a Broadway production, comedy show or variety of entertainment options throughout the day.

When your kids are busy splish-splashing around in one of Norwegian Cruise Line’s amazing Aqua Parks, you will probably have to remind them who Santa is.

3. Summer weather year round

Fed up of freezing despite layering up on a winter-snow vacation? Or, bored of skiing every year?

How about you change the name of the game and instead, sip on Margaritas from your cabin balcony or on the ship’s deck or many bars and lounges star gazing or marvelling at the blue of the beautiful ocean?

You can also kick back and lounge in the ship’s hot tub, treat yourself to a massage at the Mandara Spa or dance the night away at the discotheque.

4. The gift of travel

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones during festive holidays can be quite traumatic, especially when you’re either spoilt for choice or have few options.

Taking a trip to a destination you’ve never been to, especially on an ocean cruise could be the perfect gift for you and your family this year.

This unconventional holiday gift will remove unwanted holiday stress and save you the trouble of standing in long queues or tracking the shopping sales.

5. The perfect excuse to get away

Hate office parties, celebrating festivals or crowded get-togethers or visiting the homes of a long list of relatives during festive holidays?

A cruise vacation offers endless opportunities for families and friends to strengthen their bonds, take the time to get to know each other better and relax in each other’s’ company.