Gigi Lamayne starts a wellness business

Gigi Lamayne opens a new business

Gigi Lamayne, real name Genesis Manney creates another source of income for herself.

The South African rapper started a wellness business as she opened an IV Zeal, an IV Vitamin Drip Lounge at the richest square mile in Africa, The Mac.

“I have been obsessed with health, fitness, and wellness lately,” she says.

“I have been exposed to a lot of new knowledge on how to keep healthy. As artists we tend to put a lot of things into our bodies and do not understand the detrimental effects,” she says.

“I wanted people to learn from me but also have a space where they can get the necessary minerals, stay healthy, and keep changing their dreams.”


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Gigi Lamayne funds the business with the money made from music, and she employed her mom nad three other women to manage the new venture.

“It’s a really exciting time because these are all amazing women. Being able to empower other women while creating jobs brings me joy.”

“I was able to fund with money made through my music, which is the powerful part for me,” she says.

“Years of saving, investing, working smart and not buying that expensive car and waiting for one day to do something this big. This is just the beginning of the fruits of my labour and I am extremely grateful to everyone who supported me in staying disciplined,” she says.