Dawn Thandeka King pained at rumors about her mother’s death

Dawn Thandeka King warns her fans to avoid being scammed by fake accounts impersonating her.

The actress got distraught by a fake TikTok account trying to gain empathy by claiming that Dawn’s mother is dead.

She slammed the news, saying her mother is alive.

Thandeka also said that she is not on TikTok.

“Guys there’s a fake page on TikTok that has posted something disturbing, about me losing my mother who is very much alive,” she wrote.

“It’s painful when people create fake pages using my name and I don’t even know how many pages there are, and I am not even active on Tik Tok please be aware of these fake pages. I will go live and make everyone aware of my real page, anything else will be fake, I don’t care how many followers it has it’s all fake.”