Emtee moves out of house after granted bail

Emtee moves out of house after granted bail

Emtee moves out of his house after being granted bail for allegedly assaulting his heavily pregnant woman , Nicole Kendall.

A week ago, the woman claimed she was abused by her hubby and farther participated a print of the bruise sustained.

“ This is what he did to me, ” she says in the videotape. “ Show them what you did to me, how you beat me up on Valentine’s DayThen’s the evidence. He beat me up while I ’m seven months pregnant. ”

“ When did I beat you? ” he says before constantly asking her to leave him alone.

Nicole opened a case of assault against the rapper and he gave himself to the police on Wednesday; he appeared in court that day and was granted a bail of R 2000.

Emtee tells ZiMoja that he is n’t an abuser, but he’d to hand himself to the police since he is n’t shamefaced of the allegation.

“ I was informed that a leave of arrest was out. I know I’ve nothing to hide, I’m not an abuser. I went to the police station with my counsel. ”

The rapper says his woman is the abuser but ends up acting as the victim.

“ She’s vituperative. She hits me. She got her bruises after coming at me. She came charging at me and I defended myself. I didn’t hit her. I held her and shook her. Why would noway hit a woman and a heavily pregnant one at that. ”

“ She’s the mama of my kiddies. She’s heavily pregnant, why would I do commodity of the kind? ”

Emtee needs Nicole to come out, to tell the verity as her allegations are tainting his brand and career.

The rapper is in the process of moving out of the house as their marriage has come poisonous despite loving each other.

“ I haven’t been home important to try and avoid conflict. She has been the bone that has been vituperative toward me for times. She hits me and also plays the victim. ”

“ I’m in the process of moving out. I realised we should n’t be together. She can stay in the house for the sake of the kiddies, but I ca n’t do this presentlyeffects can come really bad and I do n’t want this to be another Flabba situation. One mistake and commodity wrong might be, ” he added.

Meanwhile, in 2020, Emtee opened up about being abused by his woman , but it all ended on social media as he did n’t go legal against her.

The father of two said his woman ’s family also abused him and hovered his life.

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